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Home maintenance checklists

Home maintenance checklists You should keep a copy of every document you signed your name to at the closing meeting. It’s especially important to keep a copy of your settlement form. You will find it useful when you file your taxes and if you sell your home. For example, the real estate taxes and loan […]

House Closing Cost Checklist

House Closing Cost Checklist Who pays which closing costs varies in all localities and is open for negotiation between the buyer and seller? It is possible to have a sales agreement in which either the buyer or seller pays all the closing costs. Or, to lower your costs, you may have the seller agree to […]

Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Real Estate Purchase Agreement Terms and Conditions of real estate purchase agreement There’s a lot to consider before you sign a real estate purchase agreement. If the terms and conditions of the deal aren’t acceptable, you might want to pause and think twice, even if the purchase price is more than satisfactory. After all, the […]

Problems in Real Estate Business

Problems in Real Estate Business Strange things happen in hot real estate markets, and some of these things can be detrimental to sellers, buyers and the whole real estate experience. One such hot-market phenomenon is that some buyers decide to not make a professional inspection a contingency of their offer to purchase a home. Waiving […]

Home Loan Approvals

Home Loan Approvals Before you apply for a loan, you will need the following: Pre-qualification letter – Lender pre-qualification provides a ballpark estimate of how large a mortgage you can afford. While it doesn’t obligate the lender to approve your loan, it’s a way to help ensure that you will apply for a mortgage loan […]

Mortgage Types of Loans

Mortgage Types of Loans If, you anticipate living in your home for many years, the interest rate may be the main factor for you. If you expect to keep the house for only a short period of time, the closing costs may be more important to you. If you want to have ended any mortgage […]

Real Estate Lingo

Real Estate Lingo 4B/2B — four bedrooms and two bathrooms. “Bedroom” usually means a sleeping area with a window and a closet, but the definition varies in different places. A “full bathroom” is a room with a toilet, a sink and a bathtub. A “three-quarter bathroom” has a toilet, a sink and a shower. A […]

Home Ownership Tips

Home Ownership Tips Granted, few young people spend much time day-dreaming about buying their first home. They’re naturally preoccupied with academics, athletics, parties, dating and future career possibilities. Nonetheless, there are a number of good reasons to start learning early in life about the costs of buying a home and the responsibilities of homeownership. For […]

Seller Financing Homes for Sale

Seller Financing Homes for Sale You’re selling your home and the buyer wants you to finance part of the purchase price by “carrying back” a loan. Should you? The answer depends on the anticipated ease of selling your home without the financing and your own financial situation. Seller financing is more common in slow housing […]

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