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Rent or Buy

Rent or Buy No doubt you’ve thought of how nice it would be not to write a rent check every month, but have you done the math? Nothing can make you feel more secure than owning your own house, unless buying a home will create financial problems of its own. Here’s a discussion of the […]

Income Vs Debt

Income Vs Debt As you think about applying for a home loan, you need to consider your personal finances. How much you earn versus how much you owe will likely determine how much a lender will allow you to borrow. First, determine your gross monthly income. This will include any regular and recurring income that […]

Advantages of Buying Real Estate

Advantages of Buying Real Estate Owning v. Renting Our goals are simple — to ensure that you’re happy with the home you buy and that you get the best deal you can. This describes why owning should be less expensive than renting. Renting and Inflation Although the cost of purchasing a home generally increases over […]

Negotiating Tips for Buying a House

Negotiating Tips for Buying a House Most home buyers and home sellers want to arrive at a win-win agreement, but that’s not to say either side would regret getting a bigger “win” than the other. Successful negotiating is more than a matter of luck or natural talent. It also encompasses the learned ability to use […]

Tax Implications of Selling a House

Tax Implications of Selling a House Check with your tax consultant on the factors that may affect taxes resulting from the sale of your home. For example: Whether you purchased the home or acquired it by gift or inheritance Whether you used your home partly for business or rental Costs associated with selling your home […]

Listing agreement real estate

Listing agreement real estate Listing Agreements for realtors and sellers Realtors and buyers often work together without a written contract, but the opposite is true for realtors and sellers. On the listing side, written contracts are overwhelmingly the rule, not the exception. A listing agreement is a binding legal contract that shouldn’t be taken lightly. […]

Getting Ready to Buy a House Checklist

Getting Ready to Buy a House Checklist getting ready to buy a house checklist From experience, realtors also know that a “well-polished” house appeals to more buyers and will sell faster and for a higher price. Additionally, buyers feel more comfortable purchasing a well-cared for home because if what they can see is maintained, what […]

Home Valuation Tools

Home Valuation Tools If you’re buying a home, it helps if you have an estimate of the home’s value. Together with comparable home sales, estimates of a home’s value will help you come at an appropriate bid or purchase price. What’s more, a home’s value will determine the amount of financing a lender will extend. […]

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